Upper Mid Back Pain and Chiropractic Treatment

What Is Upper Mid Back Pain?


Upper mid back pain can be anywhere from the tops of your shoulders to below your shoulder blades. There are two reasons why pain or discomfort in your upper mid back is hard to deal with.


1. This part of your back is difficult to reach to apply enough pressure on sore spots. You can't massage the pain away as effectively.


2. Because your ribs form a mostly inflexible cage from back to front, stretching muscles isn't easy and doesn't provide the same relief as it can in other parts of your body. 

Luckily Chiropractic care can help to relieve upper mid back pain.


What Causes Upper Mid Back Pain?


Poor posture such as prolonged slouching while on your phone or using your dining table as a work desk.

Tension and/or stress can result in tight muscles which over time, can lead to upper mid back pain.

Overuse or muscle strain from repetitive motions of your shoulders and arms.  
Degeneration of the cushions between the bones of the spine, leading to arthritis. 
Misalignments of the spine which irritate the spinal nerves, leading to pain. 

What Are Some Symptoms of Upper Mid Back Pain?

  • Sharp Pain

  • Burning

  • Achiness

  • Trouble Breathing due to pain or restriction

  • Numbness

  • Pins and needles

How Does Chiropractic Help Upper Mid Back Pain?

Gentle chiropractic treatments help to realign the vertebrae and joints of the upper mid back spine which allows the surrounding muscles to relax and the spinal nerves to be less irritated, resulting in reduced pain, stiffness and tension.

Dr. Maya Pande will also determine if there are personal habits that are causing, or increasing your pain and suggest changes and stretches to help you get better faster.

How Long Does It Take to Get Better?


Some patients start to feel better in a few weeks but full recovery may take a few months and is dependent on a few things including the severity of your condition, how long you've had it, and if you're aggravating it by certain sleep or work habits.


Even after you recover from upper mid back pain, incorrect postures and old habits can cause it to return, therefore, regular chiropractic treatments are recommended to maintain the strength, flexibility and health of the muscles, nerves and joints in the upper back to help reduce the chance of a re-occurrence.

What Can I Do At Home For Upper Mid Back Pain?

There are a few things you can do at home if you feel your pain is mild.

1. Ice and Heat. Use ice for 10 minutes, then heat for 10 minutes and then back to ice. Ice shrinks vessels, heat opens them up and ice shrinks it again. This creates a pumping effect that helps move inflammation out of the area. You can do this a few times, as needed. 

2. Laying on the floor. Sounds simple but it helps. Lie on the floor or yoga mat and lift your arms until they're on the ground above your head. You may hear some small cracks here as well. Stay in this position for 30-60 seconds if you can. 

If your upper mid back is still bothering you, please book an appointment for an initial examination today!

Why Choose Gentle Family Chiropractic for Upper Mid Back Pain Treatments?

Dr. Maya Pande is a chiropractor and the owner of Gentle Family Chiropractic. She has 24 years of experience helping patients with upper mid back pain. In fact, she herself suffered with upper mid back pain and was helped by chiropractic care! It's what motivated her to become a chiropractor!


Your first appointment involves a thorough examination. Dr. Maya uses the information she learns from your exam to come up with a detailed plan of action that is specific for your condition, which she discusses with you on your second visit. 

For more information about chiropractic services for neck pain, or to schedule an appointment, please call Gentle Family Chiropractic at 519-476-8700. We look forward to helping you feel better. Finally.​

Upper Mid Back Pain Testimonials

I have been seeing Maya regularly now for over 1 year and I have noticed a significant improvement in the way my back feels. I used to have constant pain from typing on the computer all day and after about a month or so of adjustments it is gone! I don't even notice it anymore! It is amazing that just a few minutes out of my day to get adjusted makes such a difference!


I've been seeing Dr. Maya for 5 years now. When I first saw her I was having major back issues (lower, mid, and upper). The pain was really bad and I couldn't even touch my toes. 5 years on my back feels awesome and I can touch my toes no problem. She is very kind and like her gentle approach to back adjustments


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Dr. Maya Pande Chiropractor

Dr. Maya Pande at Gentle Family Chiropractic in London, Ontario uses a gentle method and promises that there's no cracking, twisting or turning of your spine during your adjustment appointments.

The question is, if it's gentle, is it still effective? The answer is Yes! 

Dr. Maya's gentle chiropractic method has been shown to help with low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, and even muscular tightness and tension.  

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