• Do you have regular sinus headaches?

  • Do you have hearing problems that have been connected to your sinuses?

  • Are you frequently medicating yourself to relieve sinus pressure?

  • Do you have pain when you push on your cheeks or above your eyebrows?

Sinus problems are very frustrating. They can cause pain, and affect sleep, hearing, and concentration. There are many products and medications on the market for this condition but few provide a real solution to it.

Gentle chiropractic care may be able to help by reducing the inflammation and congestion in the sinus cavities. This may lead to long term, lasting relief from pain, congestion and pressure.


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I am so glad I found Dr Maya. I initially went to see her for long standing back pain and sinus and headache issues. At our first appointment she did a thorough assessment of my condition and drew up a treatment plan to address these problems. My sinus issues were gone by our second appointment!
I really appreciate the gentle technique she uses and her calm approach. 

Maureen H.

Every summer I had 2 months of severe sinus pain. I would need to take several bottles of Tylenol allergy sinus medication just to cope. 

Since I have started seeing her, my sinuses do still plug up on occasion but it's not accompanied by the severe pain.

I still have over 1/2 a bottle of sinus medication I bought in early February (it's August now).

I believe it's better for my overall health if I avoid unnecessary pain medication and Dr. Maya has helped me do this.

Diane P.

My headaches and sinus pain were so severe, I could tell you the weather exactly due to my symptoms!

First day of my adjustment, wow sinus! I could breathe and my pounding headache stopped!

I now have day to day normality.

R. Pope

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