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Stop Being A Weather Vane!

The weather lately has been awful. One day of sun followed by 6 days of cold rain.


Not only does this play havoc with our mood, our leisure activities and our opportunity to mow the lawn, for some people it causes headaches.

The barometric pressure shifts whenever the weather changes - down when it rains and up when it's sunny. Some people's bodies can't handle these changes and end up with headaches or even migraines when bad weather looms.

There is relief. Gentle chiropractic care can help. In a nutshell, chiropractic adjustments can calm down your nervous system, increasing your body's ability to adapt to change. This can help your body respond more appropriately to changes in atmospheric pressure and consequently, reduce headaches, migraines and other painful responses.

Do you know someone who's been suffering from non-stop headaches lately? Forward this post to them.

It's time they stop being a human weather vane.

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