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How To Sit Properly

Sitting is easy on your feet but can be hard on your back! Since this is the position we are in the most during the day, it's important to know how to sit properly.

Sitting at a Desk The main thing to remember when sitting at your desk is 90 degrees.

  • The angle of your bent knees should be 90 degrees to the floor. A foot rest or adjusting your chair will help you achieve this.

  • The angle of your elbows when using the keyboard should be 90 degrees. Using a keyboard tray is important.

  • The angle of your chin to your neck should be 90 degrees.  Adjust the desktop monitor so that your eyes hit the centre of screen. You may need to place the monitor on a stand.

  • If you're using a laptop, get a separate keyboard and mouse and place your laptop on a stand.

  • Your bottom needs to be at the back of the chair with your back is comfortably supported.  If this isn’t the case, a lumbar support pillow (such as Obus Forme™) will help bridge the gap.  

This is all especially important if you work at home. See my previous post with tips about that. Driving in a Car Another place that we sit is while we are driving.  On average people spend more than an hour a day in the car! Improving your driving position can decrease back, shoulder and neck pain and make your commute more pleasant.

  • Lumbar support is important.  A rolled up towel or a lumbar pillow - some cars have back support built right in - will help protect the natural curve of your spine

  • According to Transport Canada, drivers should buckle their seat belts and keep 25 cm between the centre of the steering wheel to the centre of the breastbone. This will prevent injury and still provide protection.

  • The distance between your head and the headrest should be about 10 cm.  It should support the middle of your head to keep it upright.

Following these techniques and guidelines while you are sitting and driving can help you reduce further stress on your muscles and neck, back and shoulders and help you be more productive at work, rest and play!

Photo by Christina on Unsplash

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