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How To Know If It's Time For a New Pillow

Sleep, mattresses and pillows are very important to a good quality of life. We spend a lot of time in bed but after the initial purchases of the mattress and pillows, we don't think much about sleep hygiene (other than changing the sheets!) but it's a good idea to check the condition of your pillow.

How do you do that? Luckily there's a quick way to find out if it's time to buy a new pillow.  

If you have a regular pillow (not a memory foam or buckwheat or contoured one), put it across your forearm.

Does it droop on both sides? This is a good indicator that it's time for a new pillow. It's too full of your sweat, tears, skin cells and dust mites to be any use to you anymore. (Gross, right?)

Does it stay straight on your forearm? If it doesn't droop at all, it means your pillow is great and will live on for a little while longer.

A pillow that's in good shape can help you sleep better, reduce the chance of acne or allergy flareups, and can decrease neck pain and headaches.

Check out all the pillows in your house once or twice a year. This is also a great time to throw the good ones in the wash. (FYI, please don't put your foam pillows in the washer! To get rid of dust or dirt, vacuum the caseless pillow or tumble dry it on the no heat cycle for 20 minutes. Gently spot clean anything with a little bit of soap and water and let it air dry before use.) ;Might as well vacuum your mattress and rotate it at this time too! Make a day of it!

If it is time for a new pillow and you're not sure what to buy, check out my blog post to find out which pillow is right for your sleep position. It will help you make the right choice.

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