• Dr. Maya Pande

Have A Sore Muscle? Use a Tennis Ball!

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Tennis balls are great for dealing with minor muscle soreness and spasms.

  • Take one and put it between yourself and the wall (depending where the problem is, between you and a chair bottom will also work).

  • Find a spot that's tender and gently push on it.

  • Stay on the spot for 30-60 seconds.

  • Do this one to three times a day.

Using a tennis ball like this gets more oxygen into the muscle fibres allowing the area to relax and heal.

A few don'ts to remember:

  • DON'T push on the vertebrae of your spine or any other bones. Just muscle.

  • DON'T push too hard--more is NOT better

  • DON'T roll the ball around. Just stay in one spot at a time.

  • DON'T spend a lot on brand names. Dollar Store tennis balls are fine.

Targeting Your Shoulder Aches

Tennis Ball for muscle aches

The picture on the left depicts a great way to deal with an area that's sore for a lot of people.

Find an open doorway. Bend at 90 degrees so the tennis ball is held between the top of your shoulder and the wall. Push gently on the tender spots.

If your pain persists anywhere that you're doing this, it's not just a muscle problem. Call me! There's something else going on!