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Children and Chiropractic. Why?

I love seeing children in my office. They jump up on the table and can't wait to get adjusted. And do they ever look forward to getting a sticker after they're done!

One question I often get asked is, "Why does my child need to see a chiropractor?". It's a good question, because getting your child's spine checked is not something we see commercials or billboards about.

Parents certainly to make check-up appointments for their baby's or child's eyes, ears and teeth (even when they don't have any!). Few parents take their children to a chiropractor simply because they don't know.

Here are a few reasons why children need to see a chiropractor.

1. Science: Studies show that up to 40% of school age children have headaches weekly, and up to 55% of them have low back pain! This is an incredibly high percentage! There usually isn't one cause. It can be a combination of activity, sitting habits and heredity (more on this later). Research also states that low back pain during childhood can lead to low back pain in adulthood. If you notice your child complaining of pain, don't dismiss it because of their age or think that they're trying to get out of something. There's a strong chance that they're actually having a problem. Make an appointment with a chiropractor that specializes in children (like me) to get their spine assessed.

2. Life: Most of the symptoms that adults face can be traced back to falls, bumps and traumas that occurred during childhood. (BTW, this includes the birth process. Unfortunately, that can be their first injury.) By getting these looked at as they happen, you can prevent your child from suffering as an adult. One of the things that parents want for their children is a better life than they themselves had. Getting your children adjusted early on can prevent or lessen the possibility of symptoms in the future.

3. Heredity: Your child inherits everything from you, your partner and both your families. These inherited traits aren't just limited to blue eyes, a family history of diabetes, and being wicked smart. It also includes the condition of their spine. Children are not born with 'bad backs' but if there is any family history of back pain, or headaches or other issues like a disc bulge, it increases the likelihood of your child also having that condition in his/her adult years. The interesting thing is even if your pain is caused by an injury, how your body responded to the injury is likely due to heredity. For example: One person can get whiplash from a car accident and have neck pain. Another person with the same kind of whiplash can end up with headaches. What kind of pain you feel depends on the initial condition of your spine. And that's what has been passed down to your children. Getting adjusted as infants and children can help reverse the impacts of heredity by strengthening the spine.

Examinations and treatments for children and babies are very gentle and I take into account their sensitivities, their moods, and what they can handle. You can visit this page for more information about chiropractic for children.

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