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Avoid Neck Pain While Working From Home

We're all looking down at our laptops more than ever over the last few weeks. And you might be feeling neck pain, shoulder pain or even headaches. Here are some tips to help:

1. Get your laptop to eye level especially when on a teleconference, video chat or watching Netflix. The easiest way is to put it on a box. Or have a child hold it for you. Prepare to hear some whining with this solution.

2. When working on your laptop, a separate keyboard makes a world of difference. You can have your laptop elevated so the screen is at eye level and still keep your shoulders relaxed when you type. BTW, these are great ideas to take back to the office if you work on a laptop there.

3. Coffee tables are for coffee, not your laptop. Use a proper desk if you can, otherwise the dining table is a good option. After a while, working on a dining table may cause pain in your shoulder because they're a touch too high to be typing on. Sitting on a pillow will help raise you and make it easier.

4. Also, laptop is a misnomer. It shouldn't be on your lap. Looking down will strain your neck, causing pain and headaches.

5. BTW, no one can see you when you're WFH (working from home). Take breaks! Stretch your neck, shoulders, low back and hands. Walk around. Dance. Just make sure your webcam is off first.

It's easy to not have boundaries when you're working from home. Be easy on yourself. Unplug. Relax. Recharge.

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