What is Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in the body and sometimes can cause the most pain when it's irritated. It travels from your low back down the back of your thigh, around the front of your shin and into your foot and toes. Sciatica is a condition when the nerve becomes inflamed and painful. When you suffer from this condition, you can feel symptoms all the way to your toes, to the top of your thigh or anywhere in between!

What causes Sciatica?

Excessive sitting

Improper chairs or car seat positions

Past car accidents

Disc herniations

Lack of regular activity

Muscles spasms

Low back pain 

What are some symptoms ofSciatica?

Pins and needles

Electric shock like pain

Shooting pain



The feeling you want to stretch your leg all the time


How does Chiropractic help Neck pain?
Even though your pain is down your leg, this condition may be caused by misalignments in your low back or even your pelvis. Dr. Maya Pande assesses your spine to determine what the root of the problem is and using gentle chiropractic adjustments, helps realign your spine and pelvis, decreasing your pain.  Sciatica presents in so many different ways and Dr. Maya makes sure that your treatment plan is made for your particular situation


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